"How to Read a Survey" ... Here Are More Testimonials About this Outstanding Real Estate Tutorial


We got the survey video downloaded here at the office in a minute or two. That was good! It's funny in that I've been doing Broker Pre-License training on line and in my last course, this was being gone over and you did a far better job. You should consider creating more videos for pre-license training...

Barbara Rowe, Realtor
Henry, Illinois

Wow! Now I can read surveys. Thank you for making it so easy and fun to learn.

Chris Ryley,
Retired Elementary School Teacher
Sedona, Arizona

Great video. Clear and easy to understand.

Gary Ehlenberger,
Retired Member of the Technical Staff, Motorola
Sedona, Arizona

I wish I and my family had seen this video a couple years ago. We had a lot of problems with my grandfather's estate because the surveys were mixed up and did not match the legal description.

I think anyone who is looking to purchase land or selling land would benefit from viewing your video. I had no idea how to read a surey or what use it would be before. I always thought it was something only surveyors could understand. Now I know what they mean and how to read one myself.

James Thoenes

I wish I had found your video before I bought my house.
The knowledge I have gained from watching your video (and all the notes I made) will make sure I am better equiped to understand exactly what I am buying next time.

Paul - New Venture Success

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